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Migrating is reality. Reality is migrating.

Posted by LER - 7 kovo, 2008

migrating reality 

Migrating is reality. Reality is migrating.

 http://www.migrating-reality.comMigrating reality 

The “Migrating Reality Project“ ** organized between 04-05 April 2008 at GdK, Gallerie der Kuenste in Berlin is a live platform to discuss the mixing and remixing of art forms and digital data flows within the context of the current worldwide reality of migration.


From 01 March in cooperation with the online zine for media and technology ( we are initiating a focused look at the migration between reality, media, technologies, art, spaces, disciplines, politics, and networks. Migration interests us in cultural and technological aspects as well as in aspects of the movement of different objects and subjects. has been publishing online in Lithuanian and English from Vilnius, Lithuania since 2005. Every fourth month it announces a new topic and as of now “Migrating Reality“ is open for your interpretation.


We invite the submission of texts, sounds, and visuals (photo, video, etc) which will help us to delve deeper into the subject during the Berlin project. is stimulating interest in the generation and publishing of ideas online — the most interesting of which will be published in the printed catalog at the end of 2008. We are interested in not only pure texts but also in migrating formats, interdisciplinary discussions, interviews, and the meetings of artists and theoreticians. Please submit texts in English, German, and (or??) Lithuanian to  The rolling submission and publication period is from 01 March to 01 June.


Editorial Board: Vytautas Michelkevicius, Mindaugas Gapsevicius, Zilvinas Lilas and John Hopkins


** Migrating Reality,

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Apie blogų rašliavą “plačiajame pasaulyje“

Posted by Algis - 13 vasario, 2008

… o tai reiškia JAV, ar, tiksliau, “anglosphere“. Antai puiki išvada daroma vienos “New York Review of Books“ autorės:

Finally, I think I get the superhero fixation [among bloggers, that is — A.D.]. It’s the flying. It’s the suspension of punctuation and good manners and even identity. Bloggers at their computers are Supermen in flight. They break the rules. They go into their virtual phone booths, put on their costumes, bring down their personal villains, and save the world. Anonymous or not, they inhabit that source of power and hope. Then they come back to their jobs, their dogs, and their lives …

Labai taiklu. Manau, ir mes čia smagiai paskraidysma :).

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